Using Account Tools

This is a guide to using the online Account Tools, which includes checking dictation files, receiving transcribed records, and submitting corrections.

For information on dictation features, see 2. Dictation Tab.

For information on submitting corrections, see 3. New Tab and 4. Edit Tab on MS Word Tool Bar.

1. Login Screen

Go to to access the MEDantex Account Tools.

Enter your user name and password to login

2. Dictation Tab

The online tool’s dashboard will load upon log-in.

The four tabs are: Dictations, New, Viewed, and Printed.

The Dictation tab displays a list of dictation files just entered into the system. Once the file has moved to transcription itwill show in the status column. When the report is finished and available it will move to the New tab.

Click the audio icon to play back the dictation in the audio player shown on the top right corner of the screen.

3. New Tab

The New tab displays all the reports transcribed by MEDantex.

Download any report by clicking the disk icon next to the report and select Save in the dialog box displayed.

Click the printer icon to print.

Click the MS Word icon to edit. Choose between Unedited Copy and Edit Document. The dictator can always pull up the MEDantex copy of the report even after any number of revisions by selecting Unedited Copy.

Choosing Edit Document will load the report in MS Word and the focus will shift to the Edit tab. The MS Word icon will turn red if the report is edited. It will turn green if the report is merged with the patient’s master document.

Click the audio icon for audio play back in the player shown on the top right corner.

The alert icon indicates that a comment is attached to the corresponding report. Placing your mouse pointer over it will display the comment as tool tip.

The pencil and paper icon indicates that the report is digitally signed. Mouse over the icon to display the date and time of the digital signature.

4. Edit Tab on MS Word Tool Bar

Reports are edited in MS Word. The MEDantex toolbar is over the Word tool bar.

Viewing: indicates the number of the report the user is editing.

Sign Digitally: Check the checkbox labeled Sign Digitally to digitally sign the report.

Load Audio: Click the Load Audio icon to play back the audio file in the player.

Options: Displays the drop down menu.

  • Save Only: Saves the report to MEDantex server and goes back to the previous screen.
  • Save & Next: Saves the current report and opens the next report in queue for editing.
  • Save & Previous: Saves the current report and opens the previous report in queue for editing.
  • Next: Closes the report without saving and opens the next report for editing.
  • Previous: Closes the report without saving and opens the previous report for editing.
  • Demographics: Pulls up the demographics screen with patient information of the current report. The user is advised to use this feature to change patient demographics on any report.

Close: Click the icon labeled Close to close the current document and move on to the previous screen.

Screen 5: Reports menu

Use the check box circled in red to Select or Deselect all reports to Download, Print, and Esign. Choose Download or Print or Esign from the Reports menu to perform group activity.

Search: Reports can be searched by using the basic search option by entering the patient’s first or last name in the Searchtext box. For Advanced Search click on the link below the search box.

Screen 6: Advanced Search

You can search using any of the displayed criteria.

Change Password: Select the Change Password link on the left-hand navigation menu to change your password.

Admin Login

Admin login has access to all reports of dictators from that group. All the features that are in the dictator’s login are available for the admin login, except the Esign feature.

Screen 1: Advanced Search

Unlike the dictator login, the admin login will have dictator drop menu in the advanced search screen. The functionality is the same. Required reports can be accessed using this screen, and you can perform actions like group printing, group download, and merge.

Screen 2: Address Book

The admin can Add, Delete, and Modify referring physicians’ addresses.

Add an address by clicking the plus icon labeled Add Address.

A group of icons is displayed next to each address:

  • Click the star to copy the selected to clipboard and paste to the required document.
  • Edit the address by clicking the book icon
  • Delete the address by choosing the delete icon.

Addresses can be filtered by choosing a letter of the alphabet at the top. Choosing a letter will display the addresses of referring physicians whose last name starts with that letter.

Screen 3: Add/Modify Referring Physician’s Address

Use this screen to add or modify a referring physician’s address by filling in the form fields and clicking Add. To cancel an edit or addition, simply click Cancel.