Our team is committed to having a successful partnership with your office to ensure you get your reports your way.

Our commitment to quality starts at your first contact with our sales team, and continues through to account coordinators who help you pick your transcription and quality assurance (QA) team, the dedicated software programmers who customize your account, and the in-house security team that watches over your data.

A Custom Fit For Your Needs

We work with hospitals of all sizes, as well as clinics and private practices. Our internal software department allows us to set up your account based on your specific transcription needs. From receipt to delivery and archiving, we make your record-keeping seamless and pain-free.

An Educated and Experienced Team on Your Side

All of our transcriptionists have a bachelor’s degree or a minimum of two years prior experience, and complete a six-month medical transcriptionist training program. They work closely with our editors and proofreaders to continuously improve the quality of their transcription on every document. We assign an editor to conduct a comprehensive audit for new clients to ensure your satisfaction.

We have a highly trained QA team that tracks QA issues and holds continuing education classes for our staff. The QA team conducts random checks on at least ten percent of all finished documents every day.

In addition, we have on-staff physicians available in our offices to review documents when needed.